Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Disclaimer- I am feeling a bit “wordy” at the moment.

For the past three weeks my mind and my life have been a jumbled and insanely busy mess. Between work, Christmas parties, weddings, travel, spending time with my girlfriends, preparing to move home, and trying to keep the lbs off, I haven’t had time to visit with y’all. Actually, the truth is, I don’t know what to visit with y’all about…..

I have piles of prioritized “to dos” and am so overwhelmed that I can’t stop and feel because I seriously might loose it. Why is it that when something major is changing in our lives WE end up being the ones that have to hold it together while everyone around us gets to express themselves and fall apart. OK, maybe that is a little over dramatic but seriously. I am leaving everyone and everything behind yet I am the one that has to console everyone else and hold my heart in my chest like a freaking vault. And the worst part is that it begins to take the excitement away…..

Anyone know what I am talking about?

One thing that I will definitely admit to, judge me all you want, is that I have become very close with my bottle of wine. Previously we were good girlfriends that socialized a few times a week but our relationship has developed into more of a life companion type situation.

My mind has constantly been preoccupied with lists and questions and decisions.

I have gone through my closet twice already in an attempt to “de-clutter” and simplify for my move.

I have donated all of my design magazines that I have been hoarding to my Dr.’s office.

I have sorted through and tossed most of my unfinished/never started craft projects.

The lady at Goodwill probably thinks I am stealing things from people to donate.

I spent an hour trying to decide if that pair of yellow Ralph Lauren patent pumps that I haven’t worn in 2 years should remain with me or find a new home. (Haven’t decided still but if interested they are a size 9 and in GREAT condition….only wore them twice, maybe three times)

My toiletries are dwindling and I am forcing myself to use every lotion, half empty eye shadow, lipstick, hair gel…. Until I have nothing left before I am gone.

Then there are moments of complete and utter bliss. I will literally catch myself daydreaming (in church, at work, in the car, on the elliptical…) about drinking wine along the Thames with my new British girlfriends, jogging through Hyde Park on a perfect Fall day, sitting on the Tube with a fabulous book after a long day at work, starving on tea and toast because I am going to be poor, planning a holiday on the beaches of Croatia with my new roommates…you get the pictures.

I want to share all these moments, as they become reality, with y’all. That being said, I have decided to start a new blog. I want something fresh and unrelated to the past 2.5 years of random. I would like to kick her off at the beginning of 2012 as I will be moving and transitioning. I need a creative name and new look. I am going to be brainstorming over the Christmas holiday and suggestions are surely welcome (um, that is me begging for your input).

So in a nut shell, I have had a bit of coffee this morning, am on an emotional roller coaster, have been drunk on wine while feverishly pitching things from my closet, have rambled this entire post, and will be starting a new blog. Got it?


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Kindra said...

oh girl id totally be feeling the same way! btw, ill be in London in March! It is my first time!! When will you be there officially? let me know when you get your new blog!