Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run

Last Tuesday I told y'all that Lucy Adams would be stopping by on her Blog Tour for her new book

Lucy enjoys visiting book clubs and talking with readers. In the following podcast from a visit to a book club in her hometown, she addresses the issue of writing about friends and family members in Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run.

And in case you want another peak before purchasing here, below is an excerpt from the book:

Snapping over Snapple

Regardless of our differences, my husband and I have in common the fact that we can’t drive around the block without stopping at a convenience store for a bottled beverage. And, as it’s my spouse’s chivalrous duty to go in and purchase our drinks, I always request a Snapple, by name. “If they don’t have Snapple,” I add, “get me something like it.”

To my consistent disappointment, he never fulfills my one request. He exits every store, tail tucked between legs, offering me all types, flavors, brands and makes of drinks, but never a Snapple – or anything like it.

Finally, after weeks, months, nay, years, of holding my tongue, last Wednesday, I asked him, “Why don’t you ever buy me a Snapple?”

“Why do you always want a Snapple,” he asked, quite indignantly, as if I was the one at fault.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Snapple,” I snapped. “As I have said before, any equivalent would do.”

He breathed deeply and glared. Then pointing at the strawberry-kiwimango mixture I held, he exasperatedly challenged, “Drink up. That’s as close as I can get. What do you expect, anyway?”

“Iced tea,” I sharply retorted. “Snapple means iced tea.”

Sighing heavily, he went on to explain that Snapple does not mean, and has never meant, iced tea. First of all, according to my knowledgeable and worldly spouse, tea is only iced if it has ice in it and beverage bottlers don’t put ice in tea. Secondly, Snapple’s main product line consists of fruity drinks. “Iced tea is a hobby,” he declared, “a sideline to garner extra revenues. If Snapple means anything, it means fruit drink.”

I sat in silence picking at the label on the fruity knock-off beverage in my hand.

He continued, saying, “If you want iced tea just say iced tea. I get stressed out every time I go in a store looking for Snapple. I never bring out the right thing and you always look irritated. Snapple means fruit drink. Fruit drink, fruit drink, fruit drink!”

We lapped the block in silence, sipping to ourselves. I made a mental note of his transgression against me and Snapple lovers everywhere.

When we got home, I logged onto the Internet, plugged in Snapple.com, crossed my fingers, closed my eyes, said a prayer, and clicked. The search engine churned.

Then, as big as a cold pitcher of iced tea on an August afternoon, the Snapple home page popped onto my screen. And the headliner product was (drum roll please) . . .


Hah! I win! 

Oh Lucy, I am pretty sure we have ALL been there.

But really, can you imagine this face getting too cray cray on you? 

Just smile that smile sister.

I received my copy in the mail this past Friday and am so excited to dive on in. Thanks so much Lucy for allowing me to host you and for my copy of Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run.

Don't forget, you can pick up Lucy's book at Amazon here.

Don't think I have forgotten about the Canvas tote she I mentioned for a giveaway. My camera isn't working right now so I will post a pic later but if you are interested in a freebie then do the following:
-follow Cubicle Sanity
-leave a comment, you know what, better yet, leave a comment that includes the word 'panties' without repeating the title of the book

Meanwhile, I will figure out the whole "random number generator" thing so this is all fair. Check back next Tuesday for the winner winner.

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Laura Fuller said...

Alright, ya'll, don't be gettin your panties all in a wad about this contest....cause I'm gonna win! :)