Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love, Hate, Indifferent?

Pat Healing designed this little number and I just can't choose my feeling towards it...

I love the curtains, bed, headboard.

The wallpaper makes me a bit dizzy and can you imagine if you had the spins?

But then I glance at it real quick and think "hmmrrr. maybe I could dig it...?"

Image via House Beautiful Oct 2011(in print)


My Life as A Plate said...

I love the wallpaper, esp. the color!!! But I agree it def. could make you dizzy. Also love the pillows!!

Just found your blog :) love it!

Erin said...

Great components- but I'm not loving them together. Too many patterns- on the bed, tiedye on the pillows, dots on the curtains, pattern on the chair . . . for me, it's just a bit too much.

Love this post- hopefully it'll stir up a good conversation!

ms.composure said...

i agre!! i do like everything BUT the wall paper. loving the blog!!

Elizabeth said...

Im in total agreement - curtains, headboard, and bed are gorgeous! Not a fan of the wallpaper!