Friday, August 5, 2011

Denver Bound

I am headed to Denver to meet my mom this weekend and do a little shopping and wine drinking.

It's supposed to be like 75 degrees with zero humidity.

ZERO humidity.

So what am I taking?

 How about a little something like this.
Denver Bound

Denver Bound by Sgforbis featuring strap bags

Before you get all "why is that not centered but everything else is" it's because I really tried but this sh*t was messing up and I gave up.

My family has decided to go skiing this Christmas so mom and I are going to hop over to Breckenridge to scope out a few hot spots to stay.

And I am going to get to wear jeans in August.
And it's not going to feel like I'm Ross sweating in leather pants.

Have a nice weekend.

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