Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eyeball Delicious-ness

The July/Aug Elle Decor has some pretty delicious-ness for your eyeballs.

Babe, go draw me a bath. I'm gonna dim the lights, light a few candles and turn on Adele. Sorry, this is a party for one. Thanks.

Sorry babes, this one got a little compressed but mainly I am in love with the Massimo Vitali photograph.
I would put it in my bathroom because my bathroom will be huge and be able to accommodate such a large scale snapshot.

Oh please. Could this be any sexier?!
Not unless you added young Paul Newman and an IV drip of Pinot Noir.

This just feels clean and calm. I would choose the window seat where my cats would no doubt be sunning.

And because I love little boys and their mature-little-man rooms...simple, easy.

I seem to be drawn to breakfast nooks...maybe my love of food and sharing meals with those I love has something to do with it.
I don't know what kind of windows those are but I want them in my entire house. I love the mixture of textures with the beams, paneled window seat and wicker.

All image via Elle Decor (in print)

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