Friday, July 29, 2011

Callin Cali Home

My best friend is moving to Los Angeles.

She is super excited and I can't lie, I'm pretty stoked as well.

Every house they looked at was gorgeous and amazing with beautiful views.
Last week she called to tell me they bought a house and I immediately drooled over pics.

No, I am not showing you pictures of their house. I have to have permission to do that and the house has to close and they have to move and blablabla.

But I am sharing these few photos from the July 2011 House Beautiful of a cute Cali bungalow.

This one caught my eye easily with the climbing roses and the carved door.

Breakfast nook (we've been over my love) with floor to ceiling built-ins. Win.


I'm a sucker for an outdoor shower so naturally I die.
French doors opening to the outside. I'd be waterlogged for life.

Oh, my plastic/linoleum/rentalhouse shower will be the death of me.

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My Crafty Home-Life said...

I miss that beautiful weather....can't wait to see more Cali photos.