Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Salty and Sweet

Last weekend my friend Erin kidnapped me, forced me into her 4runner, and drug me to Midtown to High Fashion Home.

Obviously I was miserable walking amongst this

For a little over an hour I touched every fabric, rubbed my feet on every carpet, smelled every candle, and sat on every couch/chair/ottoman.

Talk about a great way to get those creative “juices” flowing. Y’all owe her a huge pat on the bootie because I am really starting to feel my passion for color, textures, textiles, and generally gorgeous things coming rushing back to me.

Then you need to spank her also because she FORCED me to Dessert Gallery where we had a race to consume the most sugar possible

But, I will have to say, she made it up to me. 
How you ask….

vodka and Hairspray.

 Too bad Edna Turnblad couldn’t share a cocktail with us. 
That would really be hard to ‘beat’ for sure! 


Savanah said...

mmmm... I love Dessert Gallery! :)

Cat @Perpetual Perfection said...

That's where I do all my shopping!!!