Friday, June 17, 2011

2 sets of 10 toes

For the past few months Stephanie at Sabbespot has posted some awesome baby sewing projects.

My favorites being

and most recently these cute things

She is ever talented and made it seem so easy and stylish that I was left thinking I had no choice but to steal a little bambino to create something so tiny and adorable for.

Well guess what…I don’t have to steal one yall.

No you freaks, I am not pregnant.

But someone in my family is. And it just so happens that we (my family) are expecting 2 sets of 10 tiny toes.

That’s right, TWINS! 
And guess what else….one little lady and one little man are cooking away in that baby oven.

I cannot begin to say how blessed and excited we all are.
Or how excited I am to have an amazing excuse to purchase a sewing machine of my very own and create tiny baby clothes to put on my future niece and nephew.

So this is where yall come in….do you have a sewing machine? 
What’s a great basic machine that would be perfect for this but still have the ability to sew curtains for my later life?

Help an auntie out!

photos via Sabbespot

**the past week I have had to re-post every photo. Blogger is ticking me off!

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