Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweaty Antiques

This past Sunday I spent a few hours antiquing. 

Why is it that none of these places have air conditioning? 

Anyways, I snapped a few pics of things I liked, thought were weird....so on

I've started to accept that I like to have a few strange things, I mean unique, to mix in with the more "normal" pieces. 

I was raised by and grew up with hunters. 
Sorry...but there is someone gorgeous about a beautiful animal head, rug, coat...

For as long as I can remember I have wanted sketches of chubby nude people in my grown-up bathroom. They are simple yet gorgeous. In a beautiful frame? Nice.

I don't even know what this sh*t is. And I could never begin to describe it so documentation was my only option. Any guesses?

Call me crazy but recover this baby in something like these Amy Butler fabrics

and what a statement it would make at my built-in desk in my all white kitchen.

There were cool when thinking about a kids playroom 

Then I found these chairs which reminded me of ones that my friend Meri had when we were little.

But the entire purpose of this trip was to find an old shutter.
I have been talking and talking and talking about making a necklace holder and the only thing that has been stopping me was the lack of a shutter.

I headed to Adkins Architectural Antiques close to downtown Houston where I fell in love with doors. That's correct, doors.
See for yourself.

They had all these gorgeous HUGE doors salvaged from old homes and buildings.

And I just fell in love.

And now aim to build a house out of doors.

Who knew doors could have me in such a trance.

I didn't go home with doors.

But I did purchase one lonely shutter that will soon be hanging on my wall displaying a few of my gems. 

After a little TLC I will post all about my little project.

Ever been surprised by how something like a door could swoop in and take over your heart?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out,


Cat @Perpetual Perfection said...

A friend who will antique with me in Houston! I am loving your finds. Can't wait to see your shutter. I was actually looking for some for a wall in our apartment. Nice work, lady.

Savanah said...

You found some interesting stuff! I've never been antiquing but looks like fun :)