Friday, April 1, 2011

Rodeo and the 'Rents

I'm in NYC today but I thought I would catch you up on a past event.

A few weekends ago my parents stopped in Houston on their way to Tucson, AZ.

Saturday we headed to the Rodeo and spent the entire day sassing around in our boots

Manfriend played the part pretty easily.

Those are mom's...she ended up taking them off and going barefoot by the end of the day....don't think she had broken them in enough at that point.

One of the exhibits was a tablescape competition

How cute would those be hung in a little boy's room?

Then we headed to the animals.

Look at the size of this guy. Can you imagine how tired your neck would be holding those horns up all day?! And how do you lay down?

I had never seen this kind of cattle/cow before. She had floppy ears like a bunny.

This was beyond cool! You could watch all these chicks hatch. That one had just cracked out!

You can see the ones with the holes where they are pecking through.

We thought the one on the left was dead...nope, just resting.

Then there was another area where the ones that had hatched were hanging out.
Look how fluffy and sweet they are.
Disregard the poop. That's gross.

Then there was this guy.

He belonged to this cute girl. We chatted for a bit.
She was telling us that the slits in each ear tell what momma they are from and what number in the litter they are. I would have never known that....kinda cool...kinda sad that they cut their ears....but hey, we put holes in ours voluntarily.

After a while we headed out to the carnival area.
That is when we saw this.

You could pay to put your child inside of a bubble and let them roll around on the pool.

Looked really neat but all I could think of was "what if they throw up in there?"

Made for some cool pictures though.

Then it was rodeo time.

Obvs cotton candy was in high demand.

Calf scramble was by far mom's favorite event.
She could probably care less about the rest.

This girl would not stop pulling the poor things tale.

Gary Allen was playing that night but we only stayed for about 2 songs. His acoustics weren't that great for some reason.

I had so much fun with them. They're pretty legit 'rents if you ask me.


Emily said...

my mom tried SO hard to bribe me into being one of those kids who either raises an animal or catches one, she always failed! have fun is NYC!
xoxo em

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

aww sounds like a great weekend! i love seeing my parents. xoxo jcd:: enter to win my jewelry giveaway !!

Cat said...

Um the rodeo seemed sooo fun! I WANT TO DO THE BUBBLE THING! Hope you had fun in New York!!