Thursday, February 10, 2011

MLK Weekend and Sister Delta Recap

So, nearly 3 weeks ago I visited Torri in Washington, DC.
Below is a brief recap of the events of the weekend....

What better way to start out the trip than with some creamy creamy brie, a few veggies and a TON of hummus? Oh, you really think we forgot the wine?
Friday night we walked from her apt in the middle of Downtown DC (amazing location!) to a few bars in China Town. We may have had a few beers and I may have nearly frozen my bottom off....

Saturday was a full day. We started with brunch at Kramer Books and then headed to the Phillip's collection for their 90th anniversary.
Some of DC's finest pastry chefs created special birthday cake designs for the event. And there was FREE champagne. Yep.

This was my favorite. I wanted to grab a cup of coffee and pinch off a few of those meringue puffs.

To be honest, they were all kind of ugly considering they were from the "finest chefs" but hey, they did better that I could have.

After knocking people out of my way so I could see a few of my bf Renoir's work, we headed to Georgetown for a little stroll and a sweet treat from Georgetown Cupcake.

Now, I may have a inner fat kid but a cupcake has got to be made of gold and turn me into Carmen Electra for me to stand in a line this 30 degree temperatures!
So, we pressed on.

For our evening activities we headed to Dupont Circle and ended up playing a 3am game of shuffle board at Buffalo Billiards with some of Torro's friends
Note 1: Pasty white arm MUST go before Sister's wedding in less than 2 weeks

Then it was Sunday morning
and I stubbed the sh*t out of my toe
and it turned purple and blue and swole up and hurt to walk and I wanted to cry but I drank a beer instead :)
Just kidding. Well, I waited until dinner for the beer anyways.

Torri said "Suck it up sister Delta, we are heading to the Newseum."
And it was AWESOME.
We spent some time in the Pulitzer Prize Photography Gallery which was pretty insane and I got a bit emotional.
Then walked through the Katrina Exhibit.
They had every front page newspaper across the Globe that reported the Hurricane on display. 

Then I made Torri feed me at Oyamel
and it was awesome, yummy goodness that I stuffed, and stuffed, and stuffed into my belly

Monday I didn't leave until later in the afternoon so we had plenty of time to fit in the Capital and the Library of Congress

Let me just say that I wanted to lay down in the building and never leave

Yea, told ya.
Imagine having a wedding reception! AH

The ceilings are gorgeous hand painted

the walls, staircases, pillars, statues are all giant white marble

the details of the molding

and the mosaic tile floors that wouldn't quit

I just didn't want to leave but after half an hour of photos, caressing of walls, and concerned looks by those around me, Torri totted me off to

And ate, yet again, another fabulous meal

And even saw Spike 

And then it was time to go.
And I was sad.
And I closed my eyes on the scary plane and shed a sad girl tear.


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous trip to DC! The best part about traveling is eating at different places. I love Georgetown Cupcake…they have the best red velvet cupcakes! xx

Mrs. Bliss said...

They just don't make buildings like that anymore, do they? Simply amazing architecture like that is so inspiring. And btw, thanks for popping in over at my blog! :)