Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tame the Mane

Last week I was super busy assisting Sister with a few wedding thangs.
One of my responsibilities (that I designated to myself) was to find the best, most talented stylist with super human powers to turn our usually frizzy hair into goddess locks that will last 10 hours.

Normally living in a different city would be a bit of a hurdle but not with all those virtual friends out there living in Charlotte. Huge shout out to Emily A. Clark for her speedy fast response to my email oozing desperation. Not only did she tell me the name of who she goes to but she forwarded my email to some of her friends that do a lot of work with weddings. Um, thank you from the bottom of my bloggin lil heart!

Anyways, I set up appts for Sister and sent out several mass emails to the bridesmaids on the "dos" and "don'ts" for wedding hair.
Here are a few of the guidelines that I gave them.....

Total Goddess Hair Dos

Think chic, gorg, modest, "I am a perfect" 

not so much

no offense to any of you but we aren't really going for the crunchy tendril, 80s prom, Fantastic Sam's, or "haven't brushed my hair" look

Personally, I will be opting for a 10 hour amazing hair look with the ability to artistically express myself on the dance floor with my killa moves all night and still be fabulous.
Ya know? No?
Well, at least something that hollers "vavavoom! My sister is getting married!"

I think this gets the message across....
or maybe this

Oh, and I would like Angie's glowing skin too please. Thanks.

Any other suggestions are gladly welcome

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