Monday, January 31, 2011


I want to wallpaper the tiny back splash areas of my tiny kitchen of my tiny apartment.
The other day I was perusing Katie Ridder's website and am really loving these
Leaf in Grey

Peony in blue

If you recall from way earlier posts, my living room drapes are similar to this

with match stick blinds.
I have a small love seat in a creamy oatmeal color and my walls are white horizontal board.
The living room and kitchen are really just one big room separated by my little desk/office nook.

The gray leaf would be understated while the peony would add a punch of femininity....hmmmm.

Thoughts? Other suggestions? Stencils maybe?

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Newlywed in New Orleans said...

Steer Clear of Stencils! I'm super Crafty and they've turned out to be a disaster every time I've tried to use them! I love the idea of Wallpapering little niches - and when people do it in Cina Cabinets or Bookshelves!