Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

And Happy Birthday Manfriend

I'm probably going to be in trouble for this as he hates being mentioned on the world wide web, but what the hay, it's your birthday!

So, hip hip hooray for the 25year old Manfriend

I've had so much fun with you

and your twin

and your buy me good food 

sometimes you don't share that food very well

but you make up for it in laughs

and you support my team by truly trying to fit in

Did I mention how talented you are?
I always wanted to be a rocker girlfriend

sometimes your antics insult my roots

but once again you redeem yourself.
Thanks for entertaining my friends

Even though you may be a sore looser

You sure do know how to throw a great surprise party

You're the best!
Happy Birthday Old Man

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Sawyer said...

"Like"- Cat and David