Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One of my 2011 resolutions is to catch up on all of my "half way there" projects.
One particular project....jewelry organization.

I have been slowly working on this for a little while now (6 months)
Maybe these will light that creative fire again.

One of my favorites has to be all the tea cups.
If you are my virtual friend, you know I heart little girly expensive things that break easily...don't ask why....but at this particular time in my life, I am lacking the extra drawer space.

So, for the past year I have been collecting these

via Anthropologie, World Market, yard sales...and so on.

Now, my plan has been to find an old shutter
or maybe several small ones

then screw all the knobs in to hang all my necklaces.
 Finishing this project will free up some drawer space, closet space, AND craft box space!

Weekend forecast =rain
I'm thinking this could be the perfect rainy day project.

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