Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My lip gloss is poppin

Last Friday on Everythingleb, Linds made a comment
about having 100 million lipglosses in her bag.
Well, I feel ya Linds.

I decided to count how many are floating around in my purse right now and came up with 10.
The sad part is that I probably have 40 more at home.

Naturally, the ones that are with me are my favorites....and here they are

Nars Easy Lover

Trish McEvoy Sparkling Rouge
Clinique Play-Full Plump
Bobbi Brown Petal

Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon Dusty Nude
Great work color for the suit wearing professional

Bobbi Brown Crystal

Clinique Cherry Bomb

Bobbi Brown Lip Tint Blossom

Laura Mercier Baby Doll

Laura Mercier Amber Rose

So, what is your "grab first" gloss?
How many of these favorites do you have floating in your purse?
Desk Drawer?
Car console?

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