Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie Monday

What is Movie Monday you say?
I have decided to start something new.
I am going to post pictures of my favorite houses from my favorite movies.

I watch lots of movies. Call it lazy, call it lame, call it what you want. I won't apologize for enjoying a 2 hour escape from the real world.

Lately I have found myself searching high and low for the houses that have been frequenting my junk food eating marathons.

Today I will start my Monday sequel with Amanda's (Cameron Diaz) house from The Holiday.
I don't think that would stop me from hanging out with a bottle of vino in this kitchen.

Fun fact- the interior was actually built on a sound stage and cost nearly $1million. There were no exterior walls, plumbing, roof, heating, electricity... I love the airy feeling, lanterns, white slip covers, linen fabric, sisal runners
No wonder Kate Winslet was so excited to trade for vacation.

Wonder what they did with it all when they were done filming?
I could take the light fixtures off their hands...they would go great in my storage unit until I have more than 500 sq ft to inhabit.

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Amber Ashleigh said...

You need to check out the house in Something's Gotta Give! It's gorgemous!