Friday, October 22, 2010

San Fran Numero Tres

Bet you can't guess how we started our Sunday morning...

Near Golden Gate Park and the de Young museum there was a cute little
eatery called CrepeVine that whipped me up this little number

Savory Crepe with cheese, apple sausage, spinach...side of bacon duh

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ya know.

Between the de Young and the Academy of Sciences
there was a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater

(imagine twinkling lights, wine, and a wedding party ahhh!)

and fountains (my fav)

While we were walking around the city our first day in San Fran,
we discovered that the de Young had a Post-Impressionist exhibit
with Van Gogh, Bonnard, Gauguin and more from the
Musee d'Orsay's permanent collection

It was an awesome exhibit and took me right back to Europe.

I even enjoyed the bathroom

glossy and glassy minty green and white marble counters....yes, please.
Thank you.

Then I found something very interesting

A little background on this piece...

In 2005 (my freshman year of college) some punks burned down an
African American Baptist Church in (or outside) or Birmingham, Alabama.

Imagine my surprise when the plaque revealed that this charred wood was
from that church.

When we were finished browsing the gift shop and snapping picks of the powder rooms,
we headed to the Lobster Roll cart outside for a "snack."
It was voted best by the NBC Today Show (a few years ago)

Then we stopped by the Japanese Tea Gardens

A few miles into the park, headed towards the Pacific, we stumbled upon
a tranquil waterfall

and babbling brook.

A few miles later...

we hit the Pacific.

After a romantic walk on the beach
(Chuck frolicking in the water, Sarah talking to the dogs and little children)
we walked up another hill to the Cliff House

which used to look like this
Gasp!!! Can you only imagine?!

We still enjoyed the views.
And the treats they had to offer
Bet you can't guess which one was mine....

And look what the nice man brought me. I obviously looked famished.
Now you see it

Now you don't

When we left the Cliff House, we jumped on a bus and headed for
Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies

But in the middle of that park I got very nervous
and this is why

there was a "shoe park" surrounding a little bathroom building

which was a bit unsettling/creepy a bunch of children had just
disappeared and left their shoes.

But then, there they were.
Unfortunately we were arriving near sunset
But it was still beautiful. So we took a pic, gazed in awe,
and headed to the bus stop back to the hotel.

Another full day on the books.
And man were my dogs barking.

I had to say it.

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