Friday, October 15, 2010

San Fran Day 1

When we arrived in San Francisco on Friday afternoon
we immediately threw our bags in the room and headed to
the Ferry Building Marketplace
It is such a gorgeous old building but what awaits inside is even better...

Hog Island Oyster Co

Chuck and I had heard sooo much about this place which is known

for their clam chowder, grilled cheese, and of course, Oysters.

The entire kitchen is surrounded by a 3 sided counter top so you can watch them shuck and make all their delicious goodness.

See the pretty, shiny subway tiles? Love them.

Notice where I chose to sit....right in front of the Bubbly

And yes, I had a glass.

And now, your mouth is going to water...

I am not that big of an oyster fan but I would give my first born for another bowl of that chowder and a grilled cheese!

The chowder wasn't too heavy but had yummy pieces of bacon and "the business" as our flamboyant waiter, Greg (with huge biceps) referred to it.

Let's talk about this grilled cheese....three cheeses including aged Gruyere and Fromage Blanc.

GET OUT OF HERE delicious

Once I stopped licking my plate we walked along the water towards Pier 39

and just took it all in.


Then we decided to take a short nap, I mean we were just really full

everyone else was doing it
After our nap we headed back to our hotel through Washington Square area
And China Town
Chuck even made a few friends along the way
Speak no, See no, Hear no Evil

Guess was time to eat again.

We went to a fab intimate dinner at First Crush

We drank one of the best wines we had the entire trip from here that we picked off their 17 page list. It was the David Noyse Pinot Noir and when I say it was smooth, I mean S.M.O.O.T.H.

So, that was Day 1 in a nut shell.

Stay tuned next week for Day 2 and biking the hills/buns-of-steal mtns of San Fran.

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