Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Moving to Spain

Didn't you know that I was born into a life of great privilege and fortune?

Well, I was.
I am using that fortune to purchase the
Golden Mile Hills Estate in Marbella, Andalucia Spain.

But don't worry, you can come visit me.

And I will greet you in my limestone and marble foyer.
Then we will celebrate your arrival with cocktails under the pavilion in my back yard.

Need a massage from that long plane ride?
Maybe a dip in my indoor spa?

No problem.

Because I am so rich, and thoughtful I might add,
I will have a plush robe awaiting you.

Then we can go catch up on all the latest Gossip
while relaxing in the cozy den eventually moving to the outdoor patio...
whatever you prefer.

After all, you are my guest :)

Are you hungry? Good. Me too.

Now, normally I would have my staff whip something up for us,
but we are such good friends and love to cook together, let's make it a party.

Maybe open a good bottle of wine from my cellar?

I'll go grab it.
Don't worry about the dining room...I am redecorating, soon.
OMG! What a bad hostess. I didn't even let you get settled into your room.

I hope you will have enough room for all of your bags.

Don't worry about cleaning up after yourself.
One of my maids will take care of that for you.
To your right you should have plenty of fresh warm towels.
What a long day we have had playing together!
Let's go out to the terrace and relax.

You are such a good friend for visiting me in my new home.

Images via Sothebys

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