Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet Dreams

When I walked into my new apt and saw this

I thought to myself

"Self, what are we going to do?"

After deciding on fabric for the bed (same as bathroom)
and accepting that I could not change the walls,

I have this

(please excuse the poor quality but I was in a pinch and used my IPhone)
(and excuse the sad job at making my bed)

The window behind the bed is tiny so we used an extra long rod to give it the illusion that it was in fact a large picture window.

Now, I choose Ballet Slipper pink because really, when else can I have pink curtains in my bedroom?

The bedroom windows were bare before so we added some more bamboo matchstick blinds

Then some more Ballet Slipper....

The entire room feels much softer and super lavish now.

Now, to be honest, is it the bedroom of my dreams? No.

But it will do for now (2 years-ish)

Until then, I will continue to tare, rip, scan, circle, and save pics like this
Because why not?

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