Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Classic or Craze?

Have you stopped and asked yourself "Self, what is with the cupcake craze?"

Lately I have been wondering.

Take Sprinkles....they are popping up in every city across the nation.

And here in Houston we also have Crave (my personal favorite).

Is it just another trend that Kim K and other celebs helped ignite?

Or could it be that these fun, tangible, insanely popular slices of heaven are just classic favorites that will never go out of style?

Not sure.

I do know that they are easy on the eyes, yummy in the tummy, but HELL on the hips.

Feast your eyes my friends!

Why not have them for any occasion?

Did I mention that they are just plain fun?

If you weren't hungry before, you should be now.
I know I am.

What's your favorite flavor?

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