Monday, September 27, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

Back from Austin after a great weekend with friends
and wanted to share a few pics with you.

I decided to be supportive and wear orange for my man.
However, there was no sign of UT or a longhorn.
And please disregard the appearance of a baby bump....wind was blowing

Saturday morning after a brisk walk around Town Lake, we geared up and headed to Cain and Abel's to meet some friends.

After pouring sweat for a few hours, we made it to the game just in time for some cloud cover.
Looks kinda like a Home Depot convention huh?
Needless to say, the Longhorns took quite a beating.
(Alabama came pretty close as well)

My manfriend wasn't too pleased with the outcome...
and what better way to compensate for a broken heart than with a stolen bag of stadium popcorn?

Don't think I didn't find the Delta Delta Delta castle and snap a quick picture!!

All in all, it was a fun trip!
Can't wait to go back to Austin and try out a few more restaurants and see more of the gorgeous city.

On another note,
It was 65 degrees this morning and has stayed below 80 all day!

Are we finally feeling a bit of fall weather?

A girl can only dream...

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