Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's your favorite?

Some of my favorite flowers are hydrangeas
...and this guy knows it.
Don't let him fool you, he may look like "billy badass" but really he is my cute, sweet manfriend that showed up at my door last night carrying a big bundle of these

Nice huh? They even match my new drapes that you are getting a sneak peak of.

To make the day even better....mom decided to stay an extra night!!!!!

Maybe she decided she hadn't had enough of this yet

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweat Shop

My mom drove from Memphis this weekend to help me get all settled in my new apt. I spent a $$$ on new fabrics for drapes, shower curtain, bed skirt....the works.
Here is a little peak at what we were working on....

Not the true colors, thank you 3G IPhone

Don't worry, I let her have some fun too

I mean, I even fed the lady

Tiny Boxwoods

All in all it has been a pretty successful endeavor
Stay tuned for complete before and after shots

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I could go for one of these

Right about now...

Big B

Meet my precious nephew Bowen.

Bowen has a big birthday coming up.

He will be turning two in early September.

When I look at this face my mind turns to these....

Steven Gambrel

Elle Decor

Amanda Nisbet

High Street Market

But in Order to get one of those, I have to have one of these...

And then when I go to work I can look like this....

I should probably stop now

I'm Talkin' about Chi Town

Five of my Tri Delta sistas and I recently reunited in Chicago for a girlfriend weekend.
We had the luxury of staying in a corner suite at the historic Drake Hotel right at the end of the Magnificent Mile.

In our four days and three nights we fit in as much shopping, EATING (paying particular attention to carbohydrates and desserts), late night partying, and sight seeing as humanly possible.

Before our trip, I had only been to Chicago once and it was in the unacceptably cold winter for a New Year's Eve concert. This time was much more pleasant.
We all live in the south and all got to escape the blistering heat and humidity. I'm telling you, it was P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E.

Each night we treated ourselves to a fabulous dinner and each night we somehow managed to get part of our meal for free......let's just say that we had a "Birthday girl" in the group.

Chocolate and cheesecake assortment

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Ice Cream pie from Gibson's

(Don't worry, I took advantage of the situation.....)

Then we hit the town, turning heads with our Southern twang and grace.

Some of our favorite adventures from the weekend had to be.......

the architectural booze cruise

Navy Pier

watching the children on the swing ride

being the children

seeing Wrigley Field

can't forget the Bean

or the view from the lady's room window in the Signature Room

Did I mention we watched Obama's motorcade from our hotel room?

All in all, I would say it was a pretty successful trip that left us all emotionally hung-over, a bit broke, and a tad dehydrated.

I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness...

So, ever since I moved to Houston and my sister got engaged, I made the decision to get workin' on my fitness. I have joined Weight Watchers (lost 7lbs and one size) and taken particular interest in spinning, some may argue I have even developed an obsession. About 3-4 times a week I load up the water bottle, pull on my padded spandex biking shorts, and sweat buckets for 55 minutes.

This week has been exceptionally social with after work cocktails and Mexi happy hour with the girls.

So, in order to get my "fix" I arose at 5:15 this morning and headed to the YMCA so Matilda could help burn off the chips and queso I devoured at Chuy's last night. I am feeling quit refreshed and legs are feeling rather strong. Now, if only these buns were mine....

We are getting there people!!!

If you want to tone your thighs, wipe away the cottage cheese, and flaunt some banging buns, you may just want to give this a try. Matilda, cyclist extraordinaire/drill sergeant, will be proud.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Decorista: Giveaway time...Win A pair of pillows for your interior decor!

The Decorista: Giveaway time...Win A pair of pillows for your interior decor!

Head on over to one of my fav gals to enter.

Face Lift

I have decided that it is time I commit and take interest in the aesthetic appearance of this page..... be patient with me while I clean up and teach myself the ways of blog design.

via Urban Grace

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, we both know it has been pretty silent over here for a bit.
But some exciting things have happened over the past few months....

1. Moved to Houston, TX
2. Got a promotion
3. Have a REAL office with two REAL BIG windows
4. Moved into a very vintage garage apartment in a super swank neighborhood
5. Older sister got engaged

So, you can imagine how my attitude towards life and work have most def changed.

I have become engrossed in wedding planning, obsessed with textiles, started my own collection of fabric swatches, registered to vote in yet another state gained a whole new appreciation for my job, and spent a large amount of dough on transforming my 600sqft partially furnished apartment into my most fab tree tops loft ever...all while racking up major rapid rewards points on my southwest visa.

I started this blog as a way to vent and express my frustrations. My life has changed and now this blog is going to see a bit of a change.....Hopefully it will be enjoyed. So excuse me while I add one more design, wedding, random, before & after, food, travel, music.....blahblahblah blog to the mix